1.58ppm-Rich hydrogen water generator

Model name
Hym 3+ with NANO filter
special chamber system
alklaine , neutral ph
314(W)× 425(H)×124(D)mm / 5.2kg
3Filter / Advanced Composite Filter
Silver / Gold
Tritan special chamber that is harmless to the human body - hydrogen content lasts for a long time


 Luxurious and stylish design

The effect of delicate Natural Stripes Round Front panel of high-grade aluminum

 Generates high-quality hydrogen water without a water tank


- By applying the patented automatic flow path conversion technology, 

it creates mineral-rich and

high-hydrogen water without a positive (+) pole water tank.

-There is no smell of ozone.

- There is no water storage tank.

-  There is no deodorizing device as it is automatically cleaned.

- Adding magnesium does not generate hydrogen

 Special diaphragm electrolyzer system generates hydrogen water

One touch system that dispenses water by pressing a one-touch button 

for two-step hydrogen water, 

purified water, and sterilized/disinfected water.



-Voice guidance message by purpose

-One touch ON/OFF





Above 1570ppb hydrogen water

The dissolved hydrogen content is up to 1575 ppb or more.

The content of hydrogen that removes active oxygen in the body


KYK Hydrogen Water Generator's core pride is that 1575ppb is 

produced as soon as water passes through it




The water tastes different.”  Powerful effect of 3 filter system! 



The “Three filters” inside the alkaline water ionizer make the water taste different.

If the Original water quality is not good, 


it is replaced with a “Nano filter

and the water purification ability is excellent with only the internal filter.

Check the KYK original quality filter.


Protect your product by preventing the use of low-quality “fake filters”.

cf. We are not responsible for product failures caused by the use of fake (other companies) low-quality filters. There will be legal responsibility accordingly.


Prevents reusing filters. 

Reusing the filter will also damage the water and damage the product.


Detects filter live capacity. 

The remaining filter life is displayed in liters exactly 

by subtracting the actual usage.

Hygienic “Automatic cleaning device” 




The product is automatically cleaned immediately after use

All standing water is drained immediately after using the product

Automatic drainage and 

Automatic cleaning protects products hygienically and safely.






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