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When it comes to life,
the greatest value for everyone is Health and Happiness.

This is Kim Young-kwi.

I’ve dedicated my efforts to carrying out research in the field of water-science for 44 years (since 1980) based on a spirit of craftsmanship and humanitarian ideals in order to realize the most important values in people’s lives.
I couldn’t but feel uncomfortable when seeing that the number of illnesses was actually on the rise, even though modern society has made great strides in medicine. It all started from wondering why people had to suffer both physically and mentally from diseases, and why they had to spend precious time and money, feel anxious and scared, and still die a premature death.

I began studying natural medicine, asking myself what causes adult diseases and whether they were difficult to cure.
I entered the field of water-science research in earnest after realizing the importance of water in the process of studying “Orthomolecular Medicine” of Linus Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize twice, and “Sasang Constitutional Medicine”, the basis of Oriental medicine.

Of course, this section is not large enough to detail everything I’ve learned over the past 44 years. However, as a founder and inventor, I strongly believed that water should go beyond simply being clean and drinkable, and rather be effective from a scientific and medical perspective, and contain substances that are safe for babies, and even for pregnant women.

The superior products invented as a result of my innovative patented technologies are special in that they convert (transform) general water (tap water, underground water, still water, purified water, etc.) into water with medicinal value. KYK obtained approval from the IRB (an independent review and decision-making body for monitoring medical science research under the bioethics and safety laws) for the first time in the world, and completed clinical testing at Seoul National University Hospital, the best hospital in South Korea.

We proved our efficacy by a whopping 85.7%, and the results of our research were published in an international journal. In addition, the competitiveness and superiority of the products developed by Dr. Kim based on his unique patented technologies have been proven to be uncontroversial, and have gained public confidence.

The safety and efficacy of our water products have been verified by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and have gained public confidence as being good for people's health. I have devoted my my undivided attention to researching water-science over the past 44 years, based on the philosophy that what I am doing will contribute to promoting the most righteous, noble, and great values.

We will continue to devote all our efforts to promoting the health and happiness of humanity and respond to the love and trust our customers have placed in us through our unwavering dedication and commitment and in-depth expertise (staying free from alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine). We wish you all good health and happiness!

Thank you.

Kim Young-kwi, winner of 16 gold medals in
international invention competitions.

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