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[Newspaper] On June 1, 2024, a KYK article was reported in Economic Daily.

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    2023-06-01 22:41:45

On June 1, 2024, a KYK article was reported in Korea's largest media outlet, the Daily Economic Daily.

Maeil Business Newspaper


"KYK, focus on water science research for 44 years,

passed consumer verification in 58 countries around the world"


KYK is evaluated as a company equipped with professional academic and technology in the field of water science as a 'double-head'. 

KYK, which has been 44 years since starting water science this year,

has won the 'Global Leader Grand Prize' for 10 consecutive years in the field of quality service.

KYK's water science means more than simply being judged suitable for water quality as drinking water. 

KYK's water science means that the fact that medical effects exist must be objectively verified, 

and the mechanism must be accurately identified scientifically.

In addition to the medical effect of water, safety is a top priority.


Representative Kim Young-gwi said, 

"This water is safe and can be drunk by everyone, including infants, the elderly, patients, pregnant women, 

and fetuses, as well as the general public. When this water is used for drinking or cooking, 

it is safe and medically effective. We are not neglecting our efforts to constantly verify the information.”


KYK has not only been verified for safety and effectiveness by the KFDA, but has also increased public confidence 

by being approved for medical effects as water that helps improve the 4 major gastrointestinal symptoms 

that are difficult to cure with drugs.


KYK's academic studies in natural medicine and water science began with the question, 

'Why do non-contagious diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and various cancers and other adult diseases occur?' 

CEO Kim entered natural science to solve problems. 

This is because he thought that Western medicine and oriental medicine had limitations. 

He studied orthomolecular medicine of Dr. Linus Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize in medicine twice, 

and studied Sasang medicine, which is the basis of oriental medicine, several times.


After researching and researching hundreds of waters around the world, including 33 types of water written in 'Donguibogam',

CEO Kim discovered water that has reducing power energy that is good for health and 

that matches the essential functions and principles of life.

CEO Kim has been devoted to water science for 44 years since 1980 with a mission and philosophy 

to promote human health. 

In 2008, he achieved the feat of winning two gold medals at the International Invention Competition in Germany, 

where he first participated. 

Since then, he has participated in invention contests in many countries around the world, 

including Switzerland and Hong Kong, and the World Genius Contest held in Japan. 

He won a total of 16 of his gold medals by 2022, recognizing his technical prowess worldwide.


KYK's products have received KFDA approval as a medical device product 

that turns ordinary water into safe and medically effective water. 

In addition, it succeeded in receiving suitable certifications for pharmaceutical quality management and system 

quality management in major developed countries.


International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13485 (international medical device certification), 

European safety certification (CE), American safety certification (NRTL), Korean atopy safe mark certification (KAA),

 Eurasian conformity certification (EAC), Australian electromagnetic wave communication compatibility standard

 certification (C-Tick) and halal certification for Muslim countries.


A company official introduced, "KYK's products show differentiation and superiority in terms of performance, function, design, water taste, effect, and quality, and are excellent quality products that have been verified by consumers in 58 countries around the world."


[Reporter Ko Jae-man]


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