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7P,9P,11P Alkaline water ionizer with NANO filters

Model name
5p , 7p, 9p, 11p, 13p “KYK Patent Chamber”
314(W)× 425(H)×124(D)mm / 5.2kg
3Filter / Advanced Composite Filter
Silver / Gold
connected Faucet - inquiry me. / color change possible / 1carton = 3 units


 Natural Stripes Round Front panel of high-grade aluminum







- It is a model that has obtained "Good Design" certification

in accordance with Article 6, Paragraph 1 of the Industrial Promotion Act.


- Evaluation of (Using consumer) design, function, safety, quality, etc. Good design certification”

  “Large LED Display”  


-       “Natural light-emitting” display effect, large LED buttons considering the “Convenience” of users of all ages and genders,

-       Touch design considering the “balance of the natural round” of the product

and the “harmony” of the LED

-       Alklaine 4 level, Acdic 4 level , Purify water system that dispenses selected water with LED button

-       LED button type ON/OFF

   The most “Convenient pH display” for users 



-       Easily identified” by displaying pH in a “minimalistic, natural luminescent light”.

-       Through the appropriate level of light and pH indication on the LCD display, a design that is harmonious and balanced with the interior of the kitchen at night or in the dark


  Using “99.99% platinum titanium electrode plate” 

“KYK Patent”

Electrode plate for water ionizer electrolytic cell for diaphragm structure

The function and performance of electrolysis are maximized by efficiency of the electrolyzer chamber.




KYK Patented Electrode Plate Maximization of “efficiency & Tickness”

99.99% platinum titanium electrode plate

Patented electrode plate, more efficient and performance upgrade than mesh electrode plate








 SMPS with “Safety, Efficiency and Power”

-       Maximize efficiency by controlling the flow of more detailed and secure currents during electrolysis.

-       The temperature detection circuit within the SMPS is built in to stop the operation of the instrument. This means protecting the instrument by preventing the flow of overcurrent.



   Smart Engineer "Mode" function 

-       Press and hold the mode button for more than 5 seconds to enter the mode setting.

-       Laguage settings for each country, voice on/off system, water intake ph control system, and error control system provide amazing convenience.

-       Engineers around the world can easily access the mode and experience the various functions and performance of the product.




Easy sliding” Filter replacement Cover  


- Easy filter replacement for anyone of any age or gender


- Simply open the sliding door, replace the filter, and push to close.



“The water tastes different.”  Powerful effect of 3 filter system!


- The “Three filters” inside the alkaline water ionizer make the water taste different.

- If the Original water quality is not good, it is replaced with a “Nano filter”

 and the water purification ability is excellent with only the internal filter.


-       Check the KYK original quality filter.

Protect your product by preventing the use of low-quality “fake filters”.

cf. We are not responsible for product failures caused by the use of fake (other companies) low-quality filters. There will be legal responsibility accordingly.


-       Prevents reusing filters. 

Reusing the filter will also damage the water and damage the product.

-       Detects filter live capacity. 

The remaining filter life is displayed in liters exactly by subtracting the actual usage





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