KYK Water Science

How to Use

  • 01Healthy Drinking Water

    Healthy Drinking Water

    • Consumers realize how small the water molecules are just by drinking the water (absorption)
    • Our water tastes smooth and silky and is easy to swallow
    • One of its benefits is that it helps expedite the process of absorption, circulation and excretion.
    • Doesn’t make the stomach uncomfortable when consumed when exercising and gets absorbed fast
    • Helps remove (detox) toxicity (acidic substances) and improve acidity level in the body

    How to drink

    • It’s best to drink the water at 40 degrees as cold water is not good for one's health
    • Drink from a clean glass bottle with a lid that has stored nothing else but water
    • Especially remember to drink water in the morning on an empty stomach
    • Take your time to enjoy the taste, without drinking too fast
    • Drink water a little at a time, and often
    • Always drink water with a positive attitude, with the belief that it will bring you good health
  • 02Water which improves the four major gastrointestinal symptoms

    KYK alkaline ionic water’s safety and efficacy were
    verified by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
    and it also received approval for having medical
    benefits in improving the four major gastrointestinal
    symptoms, abnormal fermentation in the stomach,
    indigestion, chronic diarrhea, and excess acid
    production, which are all symptoms difficult to cure
    even with drugs.

    • Abnormal gut fermentation refers to a symptom in which the food ingested goes bad instead of going through a process of normal fermentation.
    • The stomach creates beneficial nutriments by successfully fermenting the food ingested when there are a lot of beneficial microbiomes (microorganisms), and on the other hand, creates toxic substances while undergoing abnormal gut fermentation when there are a lot of harmful microorganisms.
  • 03Cooking delicious meals that don’t easily go bad

    When used to cook meals, KYK alkaline water neutralizes the toxicity of the food itself, maximizes the benefits of nutriments contained therein, gets rid of bad odors, improves taste and scent, and keeps the food from going bad easily even during summer.

    • 04Used to make aromatic and smooth tea and coffee

      Making tea and coffee with KYK alkaline water helps bring the smooth taste and rich aroma to the next level

      • 05Removes residue pesticide from vegetables and fruit, while keeping them fresher than ever

        Using KYK water to clean vegetables or fruit removes the residue pesticide (acidic substances) and keeps them fresh for a longer period of time.

        • 06Lipolysis and toxicity removal

          Cooking pork or beef after dipping it in alkaline water helps stimulate lipolysis and removes the sometimes unpleasant odors of meat.

            Drinking plenty of KYK alkaline water helps break down body fat, helping consumers to lose weight successfully in a healthy way.

            • 07Sterilization and disinfection of dishcloths and cutting boards

              Acid water has disinfection and sterilization properties when used to wash dishcloths and cutting boards while not causing any harm to the human body.

              • 08Use with fermented food

                Using KYK alkaline water to cook fermented dishes helps stimulate fermentation, which maximizes the taste and aroma

                • 09Drinking-water for cats and dogs

                  Surprisingly, when given water and alkaline ionic, pets choose to drink the latter.

                    Alkaline water helps digestion, keeps the pets’ coat shiny and silky, and reduces the odors.

                    • 10Farming

                      Alkaline water helps one to grow lettuce, chili, bean sprouts, and other types of vegetables better and stronger, and elevates taste and nutrition.

                      • 11Livestock farming

                        KYK alkaline water contributes to lower mortality rates of chicks, and reduces the smells of pigs and cows and helps them grow faster.

                        • 12Hospitals and Oriental medicine clinics

                          KYK water is superior to other general types of water in that its small molecular size is associated with strong penetration and absorption properties. It also elevates the effect of nutrients contained in medicinal herbs and health foods.

                          In Korea, there are actually many hospitals and Oriental medicine clinics that provide patients and their family with alkaline water to help their health recovery. In addition, a large number of Oriental medicine clinics use alkaline water to enhance the medicinal effect of herbal medicines.