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[Award] KYK, 2023 Korea Global Leader Selection

  • Date :
    2023-06-05 19:25:39

Maekyung Media Group, 

the best economic media in Korea, selects global leaders every year 

who'take the lead in social contributions such as job creation and export'.

This year, the 2023 Korea Global Leaders is an awards ceremony hosted by Maekyung Media Group 

and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, celebrating its 11th anniversary.


On June 1st, at the Ambassador Seoul Pullman Hotel, the 2023 Korea Global Leaders Awards Ceremony

was held at the same time as the publication commemoration of the publication of 「Embracing the World 2023」, 

a success story of the success stories of global leaders selected this year.

On this day, Chairman Jang Hwan-hwan of Maekyung Media Group represented the event.

He said, 

"I hope that a country where companies can breathe freely, and a society where companies lead the country, 

escaping from the industrial and industrial paradigm."

As Korea's representative media group,

this was a valuable message conveying the importance of corporate sustainability to the country's development and society.

Next, he expressed his impressions as a judge of the book [ Embracing the World 2023] by Hong Seok-woo, 

chairman of the Industrial Strategy Research Foundation (former Minister of Knowledge Economy). 

He said that although there were difficult moments and difficulties every year, 

it has already marked the 11th year, 

and he has felt the importance of global leaders and the sustainable corporate value of doing one thing for a long time. 

He said that the purpose of this book is to inform the world of Korea's best leaders 

who have contributed to the development of the Korean economy and to spread their living management stories.


In particular, in order to publish this book, the judges said that they reviewed everything that could be evaluated, 

from global business performance to corporate social contribution, customer satisfaction, job creation, 

and labor-management relations.


He added that the global leaders in this book are excellent companies with more expectations for 

'tomorrow than they do now.'


Today's award ceremony was a bit special.


It's been 10 years since the Korea Global Leader Awards Ceremony was held, 

and one company that has won the award every year and two companies 

that have won the award for 10 consecutive years participated together.

The winner of the award for 10 consecutive years is KYK CEO Kim Young-Kwi. 


 Award details

 " By effectively demonstrating leadership in the global environment and raising the status and 

brand value of the Republic of Korea beyond Korea, 

it has greatly contributed to the advancement of national development and the advancement of the world's nation. 

For this, we highly appreciate its achievements."


CEO Kim Young-gwi is the only one in the water industry. 

As an engineer with the right to develop industrial technology, 

he has been recognized for his long-standing achievements as an academic who has studied and clinically studied 

the effects of water on the human body and proved the facts as a result.

The technical performance of his water research and academic research contents are organized and 

all the stories until he grows up as a global leader have been published as Embracing the World 2023, drawing attention.


It is a very happy thing to be able to succeed in what you do and come back with great results.

However, it is also important that I have been doing it for a long time through ceaseless research efforts 

without stopping in my work.


It was a time of great applause and support for not only CEO Kim Young-Kwi but also all entrepreneurs.

We will grow and develop further in the future to become KYK, 

which further contributes to the development of the water industry for the health of everyone in Korea and the world.


Thank you