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My age? 110 years old, drinking kyk water every day!

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    2023-09-16 17:13:37

My age? 

110 years old, drinking kyk water every day

Caucasus in Russia, Balcabamba in Ecuador, Tibet in Nepal, Otsuki City in Japan.

It is the world's fourth largest longevity village.

Why do people in Longevity Village live so long?

Many people began to study there.


The conclusion was water. 

Results of scholars analyzing the water of the world's four largest longevity villages.

1) Water particles are 67~70Hz.

2) Ph 7.8~9.5 Slightly alkaline.

The characteristics of this water are the same as KYK WATER.

Among Korean KYK consumers, how old is the longest-living consumer?


Actual age: 110 years old

Legal age: 107 years old (in those days, legal reports were often filed late)

Even though he is 110 years old,  

he has no problems living at all.

When asked about the secret to longevity, 

the answer is eating the right amount of food every day and walking.

And the most important thing is that I have been drinking KYK water for a long time.

He focuses on how people can double or triple their money.

On the other hand, I thought about how I could live healthily without getting sick every day.


The first thing he changed was water, and he said that drinking KYK water started a new habit in his life.

My taste buds changed when I changed the water, allowing me to eat a vegetarian and natural diet.

It is said that he never misses exercise by walking every day.

Health is not that far away.

And health is something that can be changed as much as I try.


How great it is to change “water” which accounts for more than 70% of the human body and 80% of the organs. 

We can learn from 110-year-old  KYK WATER customer.


Change the water 

Health comes to you.