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Health depends on the body's organ water content

  • Date :
    2023-06-15 22:35:08

What do you think while listening to the news that comes every hour of the day?

As times change rapidly, we need to develop our ability to think.

And if I want to live with rational thoughts, it is possible to be based on physical health above all else.

A healthy body creates a healthy mind

This is because a person with a healthy mind can overcome difficulties even if they are shut up.


Do you know the water content of each organ of a person with a healthy body?


The brain has a water content of 70-80%.

Blood is 94% water.

85% of our lungs breathe.


What is the percentage of water in the Heart and Muscles?

75% is made up of water.

Muscle has a high water content.

The loss of muscle mass with age is closely related to water.


Kidneys are 83%, liver 70% and skin 70% water.

When you go to the hospital, the most common thing doctors say is, drink enough water.

If you want to keep a healthy body, you must fill your body with enough water.

Eating enough water helps the circulation of my body and clears the blood by discharging waste products.

Drinking enough water is also very important for digesting food in the stomach, 

providing nutrients and building energy metabolism.


80% of human diseases can be prevented by drinking enough water.

Then what percentage of water are my eyes?

My eyes are 95% water.

So, if you look at the computer for a long time or read a book for a long time, 

your eyes become dry and get tired quickly.


In other words, a person whose eyes are always moist has healthy eyes.

Artificial tears are the first thing an ophthalmologist gives you when your eyes are blurred. 

Have you ever had the experience of seeing something clearly when a person's eyelids are swollen after crying hard?

Drink enought of water to prevent dry eyes.

We are born of water and sustain life with water.

Most of our body's organs are made up of water.

Therefore, you must drink good water and delicious water.

What kind of water is good water?

1) Weakly alkaline pH

2) High in minerals

3) be rich in hydrogen

4) The water molecule should be small

5) The water should taste good


When we drinking water, we can absorb many of the minerals in the water.



Potassium (K) to regulate moisture and balance pH

Calcium (Ca) regulates bone and teeth, blood coagulation, and muscle function

Silicon (Si), a component of all tissues and organs of the human body

Magnesium (Mg) for memory enhancement and mental stability

In addition, zinc, sodium, phosphorus, manganese, etc...


Water is good when there are a lot of these minerals in the water.


Then, what about the alkaline ionized water from the alkaline ionizer?

KYK Alkaline Water Ionizer Alkaline ionized water goes through a filter first.


It is a very advanced composite filter, which removes heavy metals and rust residues, 

while allowing minerals to pass through.


Minerals passed through as they are move to the electrolytic cell, 

which is the core device of the alkaline water ionizer.


The water electrolyzed in the electrolyzer comes out with 30% more minerals than the raw water. 

Ionized minerals are quickly absorbed by the body.


If this water goes to my brain, organs, bones, eyes and skin, my body is filled with healthy water.


It also maintains the weak alkalinity of the blood and allows the blood to circulate quickly.


Since it is approved as water that helps with indigestion and stomach symptoms, 

how fast will it be absorbed if you drink this water?


Compared to plain water, drinking 2-3 cups is easier on the stomach.


It is also water that completes the cellular structure.


According to the WHO, 75% of modern people are chronically dehydrated.



Alcohol and caffeinated beverages are no substitute for water.

So water is the source and protector of life.



Money and health should never be compared or valued.

If you lose your health, you lose more than all your possessions.


Do you want to be a smart person?

Keeps 95% water in my eyes

Fill my lungs with 85% water

What kind of water will you fill it with to keep 70% of your skin and 80% of your brain?


KYK Alkaline Ionized Water & KYK Hydrogen Water Purifier upgrade your family's health.